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Acceptable Surfaces:

The surface you are applying your stickers to should be flat, clean, and smooth. Best examples would be painted drywall walls, doors, mirrors, metal, tiles, etc.

Unacceptable Surfaces:

Rough or porous surfaces such as concrete, wood, canvas, bricks, textured ceilings and textured walls (ie. Stippling/knockdown) Even if your surface has too much of an orange peel texture it can cause adhesion issues.  If your walls are not in good condition (peeling paint, or never primed) the stickers will not adhere properly and may take paint with them when removed.

If you are at all unsure of the acceptability of the surface you want to apply your stickers to, please email us with your questions and concerns!

How long should I wait after painting?

The vinyl manufacturer suggests you wait a minimum of 3-4 weeks after painting to allow for the paint to completely cure. If you apply your stickers too soon it may result in your stickers not adhering properly and even fall off.

Are they reusable?

No. Our stickers are easily removable, but not reusable. So make sure to take your time when applying them.

How easy are they to install?

Our mini wall decals come as separate pieces you to space out as you would like them. Just peel and stick.  Take your time when planning out a pattern on your walls.  Have tape, a tape measure, and pencil handy before you begin and remember to take your time when marking out your pattern.

What are they made of?

Our stickers are made from high quality professional grade removeable vinyl.  They have a matte finish, so as to give the look of being painted on your wall rather than being glossy.

How do I remove them?

If your walls are in good condition (as per guidelines above) then you will have no problems removing your wall stickers. Start peeling from one corner and pull on a 45 degree or less angle.  It is best if you pull it back against the wall against itself. If there is a lot of resistance when removing the stickers, use a blowdryer with low heat to soften the adhesive.  Decals will remove easily in warmer temperatures.

How many do I need?

If you are doing an 8'x10' wall and want to space them out 12" apart you will need 143 decals.  If you space them out 16" apart you will need 90 decals.  The farther you space them out the less you will need.  If you're still not sure how many you will need, send us an email


How long does it take to have a custom sign made?

It takes between 1-3 days to complete a custom order sign. The booking wait time to have it started varies.  Please contact us with your project idea and we can inform you of how long to have it completed

How much does it cost?

Price per project is quoted at the time of booking and by the copmlexity of what you would like to have done.  Contact us for your custom quote


How much does it cost?

Each project is estimated by itself on the shape the item is in and what finish you are looking to achieve. 

How long does it take?

Wait times vary as well as completion times vary by project.  You will receive an estimated time frame when you request your custom quote.

What kind of finishes do you do?

We can re-paint an item back to original condition, or paint it a different color in any color and gloss level.  We also specialize in chalk paint and antiquing techniques.  Also included in our specialties is restaining.  Whether you would like to refresh your item or completely strip and change the stain color, we can help you.

Can you paint faux wood?

Yes we have used this technique to refinish metal front doors and metal garage doors to give them the look and warmth of wood.