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Alice in Wonderland Series *Limited Edition 2020*

Alice in Wonderland Series *Limited Edition 2020*

$15.00 CAD

Sonny Angel got lost in Wonderland!?

“Sonny Angel mini figure Sonny Angel in Wonderland” is released with the theme of the world-famous fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”!

Attention is paid to the design that mixes the somewhat suspicious atmosphere of “Alice in Wonderland” and the cuteness of Sonny Angel.

Characters that are familiar in the original works such as Sonny and White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat appeared in Wonderland. Hasn’t everyone seen it once?

The features of each motif are reproduced in detail in the costumes worn by the six Sonny Angel.

Even if you like “Alice in Wonderland,” it has a cute design that makes you want to decorate your room.

All figures are randomly packaged in blind boxes.
Which means, you won't know which figure you'll get until you open the box!

This listing is for ONE sealed in box figurine.