Too many paint sticks?

So I found myself in the workshop the other day sorting through my paint cabinet. I couldn't believe how many stir sticks I had laying around. Being an avid pinterest-er I've seen lots of little projects using these sticks.

image via

image via

These are just a couple that I seen, there are soooo many ideas on pinterest! I could seriously spend hours looking at stuff till my eyeballs fall out.

Anyways, so I had all these stir sticks....

I cut the end off where it curves so that they would all be straight, then arranged them to my liking and glued them in place. After the glue was dry I sanded the whole thing lightly (I decided to leave them as is, paint/stain and all) and gave it a coat of white. And then a dry brush coat of my favorite turquoise paint! Then the fun part, distressed it with sandpaper and started lettering.

I love the meaning of beYOUtiful. Its such a wonderful reminder that the most beautiful person we can be is ourselves!

Then the best part, I decided it needed a little more *punch* to it. BRING ON THE GLITTER!!!

Love, love, love GLITTER! Lol I'm such a big girl.

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<3 Lisa