Spring Collection 2015

So it's that time of year again. SPRING!! Hooray! I know it's not just me, but winters seem to last way longer than I remember as a child....

That said, I have launched some new wonderful items in my online store.  I love love love the look of wallpaper, but hate the sticky gooey installation. And the removal? Oh my goodness don't even get me started. Blech. So I decided it was time to make the spring home refresh process just that much easier.  Wall decals. Just peel and stick, how much easier could it possibly be now....

There are some super fun designs in 22 cheerful colors available now for purchase in our online store. I am always adding more as I come up with new designs. The sky is the limit for my overactive designer brain. Best part is, I have even started taking custom orders. Business logo for inside an office, favorite quote for a kitchen wall, wedding vows for a master bedroom.  Wow, just wow.  I can't wait to see what else my fans can come up with.

(Isn't that canvas I painted for my daughter's room just total awesomesauce? It makes us both smile!)

I also am totally enamoured with our new felt ball garlands, they are so colorful and versatile.  If its a birthday party, newborn nursery, holiday, or just every day décor they are the perfect addition.  I have even used them on my Christmas tree! Now that season is a little far away, but planning ahead is always a good idea.

Check out the new collection that is already listed and pop back often, because I am always adding new designs and products. If there is something you would like custom made just email for a quote info@cleverarrow.ca

Happy Spring decorating!